Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Work Update

Our coral gardening training in Sagay was really amazing. I hope I will be able to duplicate some of it at site, but if nothing else it was a great time with all the CRM volunteers and our counterparts in a beautiful marine reserve that is actually working. Here are some pics:
                    (And just look at how blue and beautiful that water looks!)
One of the coral nurseries we constructed. Hopefully in a year these pieces will be big enough to transplant.
See Rob’s blog for more info and pics from the training. (http://robert-offthegrid.blogspot.com/)

When I came back to site, it was time to do my own coastal assessments, looking at fish, seagrasses and corals. With the help of my BantayDagat crew (local coast guard), counterpart and three PCV friends who visited to help with assessments, we got the job done!

Laying down the transect line for coral reef assessments (the coral were pretty poor in this area).


Crown of thorns starfish - they love to eat corals and run amuck in areas of low fish abundancy.
Blue starfish so pretty!
(all that underwater work left us hungry for some rice and fish, Yum!)

Enjoyka and halong!

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