Monday, June 21, 2010

Loving life in Chucktown

Although I am totally stoked about moving to the Philippines to start my Peace Corps service, I can't help but notice how unbelievably fast this summer is going by and how sad I am going to be to leave Charleston. I mean how can I not be after another fantastic weekend. Friday spent with visiting family and going out to the bars, spending all day Saturday scurfing (wake boarding with a surf board) near the harbor, and then wrapping up the weekend by finding the a sweet spot to kayak at (how did we not know about this place?). I think we are going to try to go back there again this evening for another sunset paddle. I know I will probably be able to do things like that in the Philippines but I will totally miss my adventurous friends here who will go kayaking with me despite a looming thunder storm and threatening lightening in the distance (we ended up having perfect weather tho).

I am trying to just focus on the now though and enjoy my last summer in Chucktown and spending times with friends and family. Although lord knows I have so much to do in preparation of leaving in less than two months! I seriously need to get rid of half of my possessions (how do I collect SO much stuff), then there's all the new stuff I need to purchase, like a new backpack, sneakers, and more conservative summer attire. I also have really been putting off getting my finances straight. I have all of these student loans that I have been trying not to think about, but now I need to call all the loan offices to get the proper paperwork so that I can defer payment for yet another two years while I am abroad - can't wait to take that task on (yeah right). But until then I will just do what I like...

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