Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loaded Questions

So yesterday I got my Site Placement and Host Family Questionnaires and I can't help but feel how heavy my Philippines fate depends on each answer I write. Would I prefer to live with a host family with or without children? An older or younger couple? What do I feel my major strengths are? How rural would I prefer to live? How basic of living conditions?.... All these questions! Part of me just wants to say "Drop me off in a village on the coast with a little hut!" It's like camping for 2 years right? I love camping!.....heh

Then there's the host family... I have heard many great stories about how close volunteers get to their host family but I have been living on my own now for 6 years. I am not used to having "parents" around and definitely not kids. But when I was in Costa Rica, talking with children was an excellent way to learn the language. I used to volunteer at a day care just so I could play and talk with the children, and they were so cute! However I am not the most patient of people when it comes to kids.... I'm the kind who likes the kid when they are smiling and laughing and being cute, but they second the kid starts to cry or decides its more fun to throw things at me, get it away from me! (Don't judge me, you probably do it too.. unless its your kid, in which case you're just happy he's not throwing things at you for a change.)

I almost just want to answer "no preference" to it all and let fate decide.... but I'm probably not going to do that. Everything about the Peace Corps process is so defining. We are always being asked to define what are our strengths, preferences, expertise, etc. I'm only 23! I didn't know I had to define myself already. I kinda thought I was still a work in process and the PC was going to be part of that process.

Totally unrelated, I'm going to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tonight! I am so stoked! The show is completely sold out and it's going to be awesome! Also makes me wonder, what kind of music shows I might see in the Philippines?

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