Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You don't know heat

I was born and raised in South Carolina so I know heat and humidity.... or at least I thought I did.

The heat here is unbeleivable. There basically is no such thing as AC here except in some schools and municipal buildings. I wake up in the morning, take a bucket bath and then put baby powder all over my body. I go to school (which is right down the road at my language teacher's house). We have numerous fans going on during class. Then I go home for lunch and sometimes take another bucket bath follwed by more baby powder. Then there is afternoon lessons and "studying" followed by dinner and another bucket shower before bed.

(Just for the record "bucket showers" sound primitive but they are SO refreshing!)

Life here is dictated by the heat. During the heat of the day, my house becomes an oven. We walk around looking for a shaded area with the best breeze. I spend alot of this time on my tita's porch trying to stay cool, eating mangoes and talking chika-chika (gossip) with the relatives.

I dare anyone to try to compare their heat with mine.

Oh and for the record, yes we have a beach but if you saw the beach you would understand why we don't go swimminig in it. We will be going to another beach away from our barangay for all of our technical water training.

OK so the kids do go swimming in the water but I'm not sure
I want to risk it here when there is trash all over the beach.

This country is truely a beautiful land with oceans, rice fields and mountains, but the heat is one not to be reckoned with.

Please for the love of all that is good, Bring on the RAIN!


  1. This is Stephen. I have to post anonymously since I don't have an account or anything, but I wanted to let you know I am following you along!

    So far it all sounds really interesting. I really like the part where you mention everything is dictated by the heat. As you well know, I'm sure, necessarily adapting to your environment is the kind of stuff that creates culture (high ceilings in the South, cedar shingles on beach homes in the North, the Mediterranean diet, etc.). It's the kind of stuff Americans aren't so much aware of anymore thanks to AC/heating, and I bet it's exciting getting that experience.

    Good to know you're having a great time. I hope to read more soon! Take care of yourself.

  2. Wow, what a change in life style. It sounds like you are making the best of everything--so positive. For which I am very proud and impressed with you for. Where do you go to enjoy these "bucket showers"? Are classes everyday? What about your town? So curious to know more...