Saturday, September 4, 2010

Every Filipino has music in their heart

Something you can find in every Filipino Barangay is.... a videoke bar! Filipinos LOVE to sing.

We took our first weekend trip away from Banate today, finally free from classes! Our goal was to find clear water to snorkel in, and although we didn't end up finding clear water per-say, we did find some local hospitality! The children at the beach had never seen Americans before, except for on t.v. So we made friends very fast once we got there. There was also a family picnic going on and once they realized we didn't bring any food, they made it their priority to feed us... home-made mango ice cream, chips and cold coca-colas! I love these people!

But back to the singing, Filipinos LOVE to sing. Walking down the street some will actually sing at you! Kite's, our normal hang-out spot, is also a popular videoke bar. And what do Filipinos like to sing? Anything and everything from love ballads, Celine Dion, to Akon, and L'il Kim. It doesn't matter if your good or bad or really bad, they are always up for a song!

I was going to leave you with a song from one of my new friends from the beach, Cherry, but I'm having trouble loading the video, so look for it later!

(Also many thanks to Tyler M. for letting me use his awesome picture as my new blog header.)



  1. I don't know if they mentioned it to you, guys, but never ever sing Sinatra's My Way unless you have a death wish.

  2. I am so happy your are loving all these new experiences! The heat factor makes me a little "ugh", but I guess you'll adapt. :) I also love the new picture for your blog. Very appropriate.

    ps. Keep the posts coming - we love discussing them at work. :)

  3. They sound like happy people who enjoy having a great time with each other. Gotta love those cute philopino children. They are precious!! Thanks for all the insight into your life there. Keep it coming. Love you so much!!