Monday, September 20, 2010

Finding Nemo

To continue with our training on how to perform bio-physical assessments, we did coral reef assessments this weekend. I was so excited to finally go to Hibutkan, the MPA (marine protected area) offshore from Banate!

We started by performing a manta tow, which is being dragged by the boat while assessing the coral reef below.

Manta tow!
Next we laid our quadrants for counting fish diversity.

Laying down our quadrants!

Then came the hard part, identifying fish!

Time to identify fish!
Of course we had help from our local friends!

Our boat captain and assistant fish identifier!
I got to see so many fish, mainly Damsel fish but Nemo also made an appearance! My favorite was the giant clam! It was so beautiful but sadly my camera died before I could get a pic. Hopefully I will see another one next time I go out!

That's all for now! One more week till I found out where my permanent site will be!



  1. I can't believe someone had already visit and featured Hibutkan,and by a tourist pa!!! Amazing. Astonishing isn't it? i'm thinking if we can feature your article "Finding Nemo" in our on "work" magazine. i'm still a student. here at West Visayas State University. the reason why i want to feature Hibutkan in our magazine, is because i'm actually a Banatenhon here at Talokgangan. Hibutkan is just a few ride from our house... i'm just hoping for your full consideration. it would be great if a true native individual will feature his or her own place... some sort of that... hehehehe...

  2. hello, of course I would be honored to assist in writing about Hibutkan. I was there living in Talokgangan last august to november training to be a peace corps volunteer. you can email at

    thanks for reading!