Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Staging Info Coming Soon

I received an email today telling us that there are TWO staging events for Philippines Training Batch 269. This is unusual but I guess that follows since I have also learned that our training batch has 145 volunteers in it! Past years Philippines training batches have had around 60 people and had their staging event somewhere on the west coast, which makes sense if you flying to the Philippines.Therefore I am a little confused as to why our staging events are closer to the east coast - Philadelphia and Detroit are where the two training batches are going to be. Now I wait till Monday to receive my staging information and how to go about buying my plane ticket to Detroit!

I can't believe my departure date is so close! Where did the summer go?

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  1. How beautiful it is that so many are willing to put luxury and security to the side to offer assistance to a people of which they don't know. The world is truly full of generous and loving individuals who DO want to make a positive difference in the world. I am so very proud that my daughter, Stefanie, is one of those precious souls.